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About Us

Who We Are


gallery-19Distinctive Body Art Prides Itself on Client Safety and Satisfaction.

Above all else we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and customer satisfaction. We work with our clients to create custom designs that not only fit their bodies but embody their personalities and truly fit them uniquely. We are an all disposable shop which means all tools are completely sterile and single use for the highest client safety. We believe that no mater what service you choose it should be done cleanly and professionally with the greatest care and attention to detail.

After Care Procedures

What We Do


We are professional, clean, and safe.

We use leading technology for all of our procedures, from ink to jewelry. We do not use cheap imitation products for our services. We only use FDA and Health Dept approved materials to insure the safest procedures. Everything we use is single use which means it is only used on you for your procedure then disposed of.

Custom work and tailored experience.

We pride ourselves in working with our clients to have an exceptional experience, both with their piercing and tattoos. We believe in the philosophy that you should “think before you ink” Our job isn’t to sell you on something you don’t want but to make what you want possible.

After Care for your Procedures

We like to take care of people both before and after their procedures. We offer care plans and aftercare instructions. We will help you along the way “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”. See FAQS page for Q & A