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honestly this place is amazing. everything from their bathroom, their staff, their hospitality, their practice, their art. everything about this place is amazing.
my friend and I, three of us 18, one 19, showed up late on friday, we had just finished up at disneyland. I researched months for the pertect artist to do my tattoo, the cypher wheel from gravity falls, it was so much delicate lines, straight lines, I just couldnt stand to not have it perfect. I saw the owners, shawn, work of a pirate ship, I almost died from its beauty. I decided that id go there. we got there about 5, I gave shawn my art, and he told me that he wouldnt be able to do it. he had lots of work to do on another guy, and the tattoo had to much small detail for him. so he reffered me to sid. he also worked me to adjust the tattoo size, I wanted it large and wrapping around my arm, but it would have been difficult for the artist, I was sad to have it smaller, but the tattoo artists know best about what will work.
he asked for about an hour, to get it re stenciled, and for myself to go eat. we ate down the road at mr petes, which was also awesome. we came back, and one of my friends decided to get a nose peircing, and then another of us decided to get a tattoo, the one off us that was still in hs, had parents that would kill him for getting a tattoo, and he had no money. so of course, being the good, responsible friends we are, we all pitched in and got it for him. when it came time for mine, the four of us had already spent 2 and a half hours in the shop, hanging out talking and having a great time with the artists. we learned all about shawn and his relationships with disney and disneyland, and sid and how she grew up. my tattoo took about I think it was 3, hours... I dont remember, it all passed by so fast we were having a great time. my tattoo took longer than the shop was supposed to be open, shawn, sid, and their assistant tyler stayed until aboht 12:30, maybe 1 am doing my tattoo.
sid, lets talk about this bad ass awesome perfect amazing person. first off she is super sweet but is also tough and straight forward, shes funny, and so caring. I have dermitilomania, a form of ocd where I pick at my skin and I had just picked a huge scab on my forhead from nervousness, and she looked at it, and took out some tools and cleaned it up, numbed it, and it healed so nicely.
she told me about everything id need to know, described what it would feel like, asked me all about what the tattoo was about, she was super talkative and all 6 of us had such a great time.
she finished the tattoo and just looked at it for 10 minutes admiring it, while we all picked our favorite part. she loved the llama, the best one she did was the hand, all 6 fingers, my favorite is the pair of glasses.
my friends and I spent about 5 and a half hours in this shop, and it was the most fun we ever had, we loved these people, they were sweet, kind, awesome, fun, bad ass, responsible, safe, caring. I just cant describe how amazing they are. my tattoo healed perfect, no issues, it even healed early. I get compliments on it almost everyday.
they were also very I formative about payment and tipping, and explained how cash is better than charge becauss charge takes money away fro the artist. if I remember my tattoo was 400 maybe, and I left an 80 dollar tip...or maybe it was 400 with a 100 dollar tip, or maybe 500 with a 100 dollar tip. not sure, but which ever it was, it was so fairly priced considering the quality of the tattoo, the hospitality of the employees, and how above and beyond the expectation.
the only thing people need to know, is that these guys dont check yelp, in fact I had sent them an email on yelp, and I asked shaun about it and he said something like 'yelp, man I never check yelp. I forgot we even had one.'
along with everything, the ocean is like a 5 minute walk away. mr petes burger place is amazing, and the convenient store across the way has an atm.
this shop is so great, sid and shaun are the only artists I trust to tattoo my body, and after getting my belly button peirced here in sac, they are the only people I trust to modify my body. in a few months my friend who got her nose peirced is going to get her first tattoo, and ilk be going to get my belly button peircing checked out and possibly repeirced. if they did elf ears, id get them done there too!!!

Erica P.,